June 14, 2011

DPB Deadline is over

by Carolina Hansson

At last the DBP (Dream Build Play 2011) deadline is over and the demo for Project Temporality has been uploaded to their server! After two weeks of horrible crunching time for the whole team it was time to shave of all the superfluous beard that our leadprogrammer built up during the last weeks and celebrate.

A almost sleepless night for almost all team members didn’t stop us of from meeting up at the evening to have a nice celebratory dinner. Finished at last! This was actually the first time all the members of the team meet together at the same place which was really nice, Of course this isn’t the end but more of a new beginning where we take the demo and polish it up to the level of a finished game. We hope to be able to tell all you guys more about it soon but first we’ll have a well earned Vacation :)

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DPB Deadline is over DPB Deadline is over DPB Deadline is over DPB Deadline is over

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