August 28, 2011

The DBP explanation of our project

by Niklas Hansson

Since it is already public we thought we should re post it here. It might clear up a lot of misconceptions about the game. so here we go

About Project Temporality

Project Temporality (PT) is a game looking at the genre Portal pioneered, an action oriented puzzle game. But with our own unique twist. We have based our entire gameplay around time manipulation and used it in conjunction with traditional platform elements to create a new compelling experience.

The basis of PT is its timeline concept which basically means that you aren’t limited to one existence or one sequence of actions. You have the capability to create new copies of yourself (at any given point in time) and while control is transferred to the new copy the other copies keep doing what they did earlier at that time.

Of course due to time paradoxes if you skip backward beyond the starting point of a timeline and then start another one. It will replace the other timeline. This is combined with traditional button controllable platforms and doors to keep the player from just relaying on the time part.

To keep him on his feet we have also added the concept of time points. Time manipulations are not free. You have a limited amount of points to spend so you will have to look for the most efficient way to solve a puzzle or you will run out of them.

After first playing through our story driven single player mode the player will be able to go online and speed run through the level to compete with his friends.

Since reading journals or listening to messages doesn’t take any time the player could speed run already on his initial mode. But it is easier to use the dedicated speed running mode which does away with all those text popups and allows you to focus on running.

This works out due to the fact that you can also use time points to accelerate yourself, meaning finding the perfect timing or the most efficient puzzle solution allows you to move through the level quicker.

All this goes together with the basic thought that instead of being another nameless protagonist you are yourself. You are the hero. This is evidently visible by the fact that you play as your own Avatar.

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The DBP explanation of our project The DBP explanation of our project The DBP explanation of our project The DBP explanation of our project

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