September 25, 2011

POD cast and website redesign

by Niklas Hansson

This saturday morning (4:am to 5:30am) we were apart of the GameMarx podcast talking about amongst other things our mentality when it comes to focus testing, and of course the press release issue.

Except for that we are working hard to get  ready for another focus test, and also are looking at redesigning the games part of the website to allow us to show a lot more media to you guys.

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POD cast and website redesign POD cast and website redesign POD cast and website redesign POD cast and website redesign
September 17, 2011

Anti Aliasing

by Niklas Hansson

Since some people had a problem with the aliasing in Project Temporality we decided to ga ahead and do some investigations. Since we are using a deferred renderign engine using MSAA wasen’t really feasible on the xbox which left us with the options of doing some cheap depth blurring or to look at the possibility of MLAA or FXXA after a short evaluation FXAA (developed by Timothy Lottes for Nvidia ) seemed like the best performance vs Quality compromise. So we started playing around with it and the different settings. FXAA on a higher setting that can easily be used for example on a PC is really awesome. For the XBOX you have to make some compromises. But in the end we feel that it is still alot better than no AA and at a totally acceptable performance loss.

We have just started to play around with it and there is a lot of more work than can be done but the results are really really nice.

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Anti Aliasing Anti Aliasing Anti Aliasing Anti Aliasing
September 12, 2011

Announcing a new team member

by Niklas Hansson

Now when we are scaling up and getting in gear to take Project Temporality from a demo to a full game we have to make some adjustments booth to the team and to the development process. We will be trying to communicate those to you in the coming weeks.

But first out we want to welcome Anders Sandberg to the gang. Anders studied Game Art at The Game Assembly in Malmö and also did a stint at Imperial Game Studio before ending up here.

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Announcing a new team member Announcing a new team member Announcing a new team member Announcing a new team member
September 9, 2011

we’re sorry about the press release

by Niklas Hansson

There hasn’t been much noise from us here lately and it’s not because we haven’t been hard at work but instead because we are focusing on moving forward after the trailer.

There has been a lot of thoughts and ideas and surprises surrounding the launched trailer. One of them was the last minute change of the press release we sent to certain sources(some got the correct one) where we thought it would be a good idea to put our elevator speech “It’s Portal meets braid,on crack with avatars” on the top of the press release.

In retrospect people didn’t get to see enough of the game to understand the comparison and thought we were trying to say we were just like those games. We used that phrase because our game is very much in the spirit of Portal, as it is a puzzle/action game that forces you think in new patterns. And since our core game play mechanics are about time manipulation it made sense to use Braid as the example for this. The issue of course is that elevator speeches aren’t made for headlines. And also that we simply wasn’t showing enough of the game so people couldn’t make the connections.

We have learned a lot from this mistake however and feel confident that we can start moving forward again, and if anyone feels we offended their favorite game or that we was just trying to capitalize on their fame we are sorry. It is however still the best way to describe the game in a single sentence.

We will make sure to keep new updates coming as there is a lot of exciting things to talk about.

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we’re sorry about the press release we’re sorry about the press release we’re sorry about the press release we’re sorry about the press release