December 18, 2011

We are still alive !

by Niklas Hansson

In fact much more than alive. We are working hard here but we don’t have much that we want to show you yet, we ant to keep polishing till it shines. But we are actively progressing on 2 new environments so that we would love to be able to show you but you have to wait until they are polished first. We are doing a lot of work to speed up the level building and design process.

Code wise it’s mostly optimizations and new effects, and game play modes. We are doing a complete GUI redesign for the in game part which we hope to be able to show of for next spring. We are also working very hard on many fronts that the difficulty of the games should be the puzzles not figuring out the game mechanics so we have been doing a lot of focus testing to make sure that we understand this properly and will do it right.

And since an update with only text is boring I introduce you all to Mr Laser Beam in all his untweaked coder art glory.

During the spring there will be a lot of interesting things happening here at Defrost Games but until then. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

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We are still alive ! We are still alive ! We are still alive ! We are still alive !

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