January 24, 2012

Build #1 for 2012

by Niklas Hansson

Hello everyone.

For this year we have decided to make some changes with the update process for the site instead of adding new posts here and then we will mainly align the updates with our development process. Since we work on a build for every 2 weeks schedule this will mean that you should get at least an update every second week on Tuesdays so that we have some time to collect our thoughts after the build deadline on Mondays.

Anyway while we can’t tell you about everything we are doing we can share some information. This month has been quite turbulent as we have had to move our development progress away from wave as Google is closing it down. We have found a decent replacement for wave in using shareflow instead but it has some issues still that we hope will be worked out. But when it doesn’t bug it’s quite nice.

For this build we have been focusing on making the PC version an Equal partner to the 360 version of the game while there still remains some work we are confident that it will all be worked out during the next build. Since not everyone in the team has an xbox we felt this was an important step to make work as smooth as possible. However due to the game being based on XNA only DX10 level cards will work out (However for example a 8800 gt in XP will work fine even though it’s a DX10 card on a DX9 OS).

We are also making a major overhaul of the gui components of the game which we hope we will be able to share with you soon. So look out for the next build post and we will hopefully be showing pictures and not just words :)

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Build #1 for 2012 Build #1 for 2012 Build #1 for 2012 Build #1 for 2012

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