February 8, 2012

Build #2

by Niklas Hansson

So we just finished build 2 this Monday, but we waited with this post until we could launch the new website. I hope you like it. People using internet explorer below verision 9.0 will experience some issues but for everyone else it should all be working now. Some images needs to be updated with new screens but all in all it’s up and running. Thanks to us now running on a pure WordPress back end it will be a lot easier to change layouts and add extra features as we progress.

For the build overall things wen’t well we closed down 36 official tasks this period and a lot more unofficial. Amongst new features is a new collisions system that allows us to attach data to surfaces in the collision mesh like being reflective for laser beams or  being lethal on touch for the player. And with that we have added force fields as a new gameplay element. Which will allow us to create very dynamic puzzles where the environment is constantly changing. We also got our new GUI in which is looking very nice and clean. And a lot of small stuff. The game is coming together slowly and surely soon we hope we will feel ready to show even more of it.

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Build #2 Build #2 Build #2 Build #2