March 1, 2012

#Build 2.5

by Niklas Hansson

Due to sickness in the group (yeah it’s that time of the season) We have opted to prolong the current build until the original deadline for build #4. However this does not mean the time is being wasted instead we have had time to revisit and polish some old systems to see if we can push them to the next level. One of these system was our Fake GI bounced light solution (one of three GI systems in the game) which had been a bit of a quick work since true realtime GI took to mush of a poll on the 360 for our taste. But it wasm’t until now we had time to go back and make a second pass to push it from barely useable to an actual tool for lightning our levels.

This is only the bounced light so in the real game there will be the direct lightsources too of course (and textures etc). Another thing we have looked over are our reflections before we used local cubemaps but an issue was that they didn’t really matched up with the world now we do some raytracing inside the cubes to make accurate lookups which means we can sue them for real reflections like mirrors or really shiny floors and it will just work. And will work with glossy reflections etc as well :) And it’s pretty much free to which we like alot :)

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#Build 2.5 #Build 2.5 #Build 2.5 #Build 2.5

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