March 27, 2012

Build #3

by Niklas Hansson

So as usual we have had a turbulent time here. We discovered 12 of March that there was a Nordic game Indie Night this year too after have looked for it earlier this year but since it wasn’t announced we had assumed there wasn’t going to be any. But it was and the deadline from submissions was a week from then. As we are in a major stage of rebuilding and remaking parts of the game we didn’t have any level playable newer than the ones from CyberLan during the fall.

So we really had to get into getting things done mode and somehow get models and game play together enough at least for a video. I think we finished up loading it just as the deadline approached and started filming 45 minutes before deadline so it was tight. While not all parts are the ones we are gonna use permanently and some parts from different environments got meshed together to make it we did get it up and running with our newest gameplay mechanic with player controlled lasers and mirrors working together.

While we can’t show you that just yet I can give you a small teaser image from work on one of our current environments it’s currently very much in an early stage it’s mostly a lighting test

Except for this we are still progressing well with creating our new environments. And I would also take this opportunity to welcome Phil Jones who will be doing his internship here at Defrost games until september.


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Build #3 Build #3 Build #3 Build #3

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