May 8, 2012

Build #4-#5

by Niklas Hansson

It was a while since the last update here. Mostly because we have been to busy actually working on the game to make an update. Since we decided to enter Microsofts Dream Build Play competition we got a harsh deadline looming above us. We have been successful in moving to the new content and are producing levels in it. It’s just all the small details that takes time coming together.

However we have some nice news. Our second trailer has pushed above 5000 views which is quite nice.


Not as much as we are aiming for in the future of course :) But still nice to see it continue to climb over time. Except for that we are in a big getting things done phase. We hope we will be able to show you more soon,

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Build #4-#5 Build #4-#5 Build #4-#5 Build #4-#5

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