June 14, 2012

Post DBP Update

by Niklas Hansson

So we have been quiet for a while here. Mostly because we have been hard at work for our dream build play entry for this year. You would have believed that this would have been a walk in the park especially since we had a year since last time. However we have since then changes the basic tech and all the content in the game.

And getting something representative together with all these changes has been tough grueling work. while a lot of things had to fall by the cutting floor due to the tight deadline a lot of things also come together.  The demo contains 6 brand new levels with mostly brand new puzzles.

Lasers and mirrors are for the first time visible outside of our locales, And puzzles build on temporarily fielded objects. We hope that now that we have gotten over this hurdle we will be able to share a lot more with you on the development and what we are doing.

For now I give you our new DBP trailer it is slightly  blurry and choppy due to video compression issues we simply didn’t have time left to experiment with different export options.

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Post DBP Update Post DBP Update Post DBP Update Post DBP Update

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