February 22, 2013

Art dump

by Niklas Hansson

We are hard at work here now responding to the feedback we have gotten. Our main goal at the moment is to put together a press build that we can share with all those that have requested it, but there are a ton of small things that just has to be fixed before that can happen. Things that don’t disturb our focus tester but that would disturb a member of the press.

Except for that we are focus testing our new first 5 levels of the game, so far the testing is going well but we found a lot of small issues that we felt we wanted to fix.

So for today we decided to do something different instead of writing a ton of text about the development and how it’s going we’re instead going to show you a bit of what our artists have been working on lately. We are booth going to show you a clean maya render and a turn table of the object the way it looks in the game this will allow you to both get a close look at the objects but also be a good representation of the visuals of the game.



Telescopic Handler

And as an Extra bonus we also have the turn table view of our new Exit Effect

Thats all for this week thanks for following us, As always we are on green light.

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Art dump Art dump Art dump Art dump

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