May 25, 2013

Defrost Games at Nordic Game Conference 2013

by Niklas Hansson

So we are just back from the Nordic Game Conference we had a ton of interesting meeting and we feel that the future is really looking up for us at the moment. It has also been exhausting, even more than usually because we had such a busy schedule.

Except for all the meetings we also had a talk aboutFeeding a physically based lighting model which relates to what we have learnt working with a physically based lighting during the last years. We are talking a bit about common mistakes and pitfalls that can hit you when making the transition. And finally we talk about what kind of information and tools you can give to your artists to help them make the transition more easily.

We are going to go through most of that information here to in coming posts where we will also have time to go more in depth on the subject that you can in a short talk. However I did add some annotations to the talk about things I think might have been confusing to people without the proper technical background. If physically based lightning seems interesting to you can get a quick overview in my talk from last year about it here and if you want to go more in-depth I always recommend Naty Hoffmans excellent papers from siggraph 2010 as a starting point. There are a ton of more links inside my talk for those interested of going more in-depth.

About Project Temporality we are progressing quite well we did plan to have a nice demo for press people running around now and actually it did, it’s just that the difficulty level between level 5 to 6 and 6 to 7 were insane. So we have to add 3 new maps to make a smoother difficulty curve that will keep the game challenging but not frustrating. We are basically just in a big polishing phase which we expects to stay in for around 3-4 months and then we will finally be ready to release the game for everyone to play. If you are a member of the press and are interested in the press demo please contact us and we will set something up for you.

For now this is all but we will do more detailed updates later on when we have recovered.

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Defrost Games at Nordic Game Conference 2013 Defrost Games at Nordic Game Conference 2013 Defrost Games at Nordic Game Conference 2013 Defrost Games at Nordic Game Conference 2013
May 18, 2013

Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc

by Niklas Hansson

So we have had a lot of things going on during this week some we can talk about and some we can’t. One of the main things we have worked on this week is to actually map the game out all the way to the end which means putting a limit on what gameplay elements we are going to put into the game and how many levels each can manage before being repetitive. While some cool ideas as always had to hit the cutting floor we are pleased with what we have homed in on. It’s nice to finally have a set scope on the project as we can really feel how we are moving towards the finish line.


This project has been a giant labor of love from our side from it’s humble beginnings over 2.5 years ago to now. The funny part is that it was supposed to be a quick 6 months project to test out XNA,XBLIG and digital distribution overall but when all focus testers loved it so much we decided to spend the extra time doing it really well, because if you have something people love you shouldn’t rush it out so we spent a lot of time going over the graphics (compare to this early version and it’s not even the first ) But also trying out different puzzles and mechanics we have focus tested a ton of puzzles we have even had the game at lans with people not knowing it was in early pre-alpha to measure real worlds peoples attention. All to make certain that the final product will be worth it. And now finally after over 2.5 years we can finally see the goal it’s still a bit away but we can see it.

So it has been time to turn our attention to stuff that really hadn’t mattered so much this far like our front end ui. But as this is the first thing that meets the players eyes it’s important that it feels attractive and simple to use. We have been throwing around a lot of different ideas here but in the end we had to select one that wouldn’t break the current scope of development because as a wise man said “Real artists ships” If we can’t put the game in your hands then all our work is for nothing.

So in the end we went with a simple but visually attractive style. While it doesn’t show here on an image we have everything in the UI animated so it’ not a boring still image it reacts to you fades in and out images, it actually feels really nice compared to our earlier placeholders so we are quite happy with this change. We also finally have a working options screen that will allow you to configure the game according to your needs. We are currently looking at quite simple options as this won’t be a game that requires the newest hardware to run. A simple setting of High,Medium and Low should suffice on the graphics side. As for controls we are currently debating to what extents they needs to be rebind-able.

Also this week Project Temporality is a part of Pixel Prospector new video for greenlight (55 indie games in 5 minutes). About greenlight we will soon be in a situation where we will start pushing for it and update it with a ton of new content we just need a little time as we are working hard with our indiecade deadline.

But as always please go and vote for us at greenlight. And also expects a lot more news from us in the coming weeks, the new screen shots with the latest posts gives a hint of what is to come :)

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Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc
May 13, 2013

We’re back and Defrost Games is entering competition

by Niklas Hansson

So we are back again after what seems like a long pause. We have not been spending this time slacking of, it’s just that we have been working so hard on Project Temporality that we couldn’t find time for other more mundane things like sleep,food posting updates etc. We have been doing a lot of things during this time like updating our webpage to this new look, we hope that you like it. If you look around you will find some new images in the Games gallery that is more representative of how the game looks now, when we have had time to do some proper propping of the levels. You should also see it in the new banner images :)


Except for the visual parts we have been busy creating new maps and polishing the gameplay after some hard work this weekend we have pretty much nailed down most of the final maps which feels great. Of course play-testing might as always make some changes but we are quite confident in our picks. After a journey of almost 2.5 years by now we have developed a good feel for the game and what works and what doesn’t. And of course a ton of playtesting have helped. We will have a lot more to share with you in the coming weeks and we are really looking forward to it.


So sorry everyone for the wait but it will be worth it. Also as we mentioned we are entering the indiescrashe3 competition that allows us to win E3 tickes if enough people votes for us so please go to and vote for us.


And as always we are also on steam green light so if you’re interested in seeing us at steam please vote at We will soon update that also as well :)

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We’re back and Defrost Games is entering competition We’re back and Defrost Games is entering competition We’re back and Defrost Games is entering competition We’re back and Defrost Games is entering competition