July 11, 2013

Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo

by Niklas Hansson

So it has been a busy time since the last update we recently rewamped our indiegogo page for a more personal feel. As the original was based on our earlier marketing material. About the campaign it has slowed down quite a bit but we have some extra actions up our sleeve that might help out. Remeber every donation will  help to make the game better which will only benefit you if you are interested in it.  Voice acting would be such a great addition with all the written dialogue we have in the game.

So what has happened well we have gotten a lot of videos.
PIXABYTE.TV did this exceelent preview.

FedoraG4mer also did an nice  play through

And Finally we did a Narrated Gameplay trailer showing of some of the more advanced puzzles and concepts.


It’s also time for our Funder shout out Big thanks to
John Vaskis
Jonas Flensbak
And our Anonymous funders !

Well thats all for now but we hope to have more to share in the near future.

As always

Indiegogo at

Greenlight at


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Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo

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