March 4, 2014

We just got Greenlit on Steam !!!

by Niklas Hansson

So both going gold and being greenlit on the same day! It’s almost too amazing that both happened on the same day. In fact I was just going to greenlight to post about going gold an upload the new trailer when I noticed it. And right there in front of me was a big sign saying we have been greenlit! After over a year on greenlight this is an amazing feeling which showed we did the right thing by not resetting our greenlight and instead support those fans that has supported us.

TemporalityScreen172 copy

It’s hard to describe how happy a day this is for us both shipping this title which we have been working on for almost 4 years (that’s over 10% of my life and a lot higher for some on the team). And then get this greenlight information on the same day. We are so thankful to all that voted for us and supported us. And we promise we won’t let you down. We will take the time to make a proper steam port with achievements,leader boards,trading cards etc. This mean that you will have to wait for it for some weeks but you can already purchase the desura version and we will hook you up with a free steam key afterwards.

We are kind a sailing on a high here, but tomorrow we’ll be back on earth working hard to make the best games possible. And you will be hearing more about the steam version in the near future. For now we will buckle down and make sure we make this launch go right so that everyone who wants too can enjoy the game as soon as possible.

TemporalityScreen167 copy

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We just got Greenlit on Steam !!! We just got Greenlit on Steam !!! We just got Greenlit on Steam !!! We just got Greenlit on Steam !!!

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