About Defrost Games

Defrost Games was founded in 2010 by a former Software development manager of Massive Entertainment. Since then we have spent a lot of time building our base technologies and exploring our core game play mechanics.

Our mission statement is ”Finding new ways to play” this can mean a lot of things but the basics are that while the concept of play has become an important part of our society lately influencing everything from education to cooperate training it has even come as far as strength training. But we feel we have just started to explore the possibilities of play.

The games industry in general has grown stale and are mostly producing products with small iterative changes. This gives us an opportunity to find new ways of play that differs from what has gone before and instead of following the old rules we aim to create new ones.

We aim that every Defrost Games product shall be a fresh experience for the player, and while similarities always appears we are confident that the actual experience of playing will be different. We want to be able to create games that are socially responsible so that while they may contain violence it is never glorified. We want to prove that games can be something more than Call of Duty and Battlefield.

We want to find new ways of play.

The team

niklas hansson imgniklas_hansson blue bullet
“Niklas Hansson founded Defrost Games in 2010 with the goal of creating games in a way that leverages the new technology to accelerate development instead of slowing it down. He is an industry veteran with over 14 years of experience. He started his Career at Massive Entertainment where he stayed for over 11 years. During his time there he worked amongst other things as the lead software engineer for Ground Control 2 and World In Conflict.After that he has spent 3 years instructing the next generation of game developers on The Game Assembly which he wrote the curriculum for while working at Massive. There he has been overseeing hundreds of small indie style projects developed by the students. During his career he has booth been a speaker at the Nordic Games conference and been voted one of the top 100 developers in Sweden.”


“Recently graduated from “The Game Assembly” where I studied gameart. Since graduation I have been involved in the making of games for mobileplattforms. Currently working as a chef, but spend most of my freetime in Maya and Z-brush. Other interests include listening to heavy music and playing games on my PS3.”
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alexandra löwendahl imgalexandra_löwendahl blue bullet
“Have studied gameart at “The Game Assembly, a computer game development school located in Malmö, Sweden. Enjoys modeling, texturing, concept art as well as general 2d graphic. Have been involved in making games for Facebook and worked as a web graphic artist.”


“Has a background as a paper-and-pencil RPG designer, prose fiction writer, columnist, poetry slam athlete and as a game designer for Massive Entertainment. Teaches level design and game storytelling at Malmö University College. Splits most of his time between game system designing for Planeto and writing for Defrost Games, while running minor projects with Grym Games and on his own on the side.”
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tobias carlsson imgtobias_carlsson blue bullet “Musician based in Malmö, Sweden. Developed an interest in writing and performing music at an early age and spent his teens dividing his time between playing in local rock bands and composing music on his computer. Later moved to Malmö together with friends to form the electro industrial band Interlace with which he has released a number of albums and performed on three continents. Currently focuses on personal projects as well as writing music for others.”


“Comes from a background in the music industry. Has studied marketing, the rules and regulations of music industry, music production and a little bit of programming at the Linneaus University. Those skills were put to use first in at Swedish Rock Archive, a rock museum, and later at the major record company EMI. He has lived in Singapore and Australia but is back in Sweden for the time being. During his spare time he’s often found wandering the countryside, camera in hand. Blames a youth spent listening to Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly and Einstürzende Neubauten for his interest in noises and sound design.”
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carolina hansson imgcarolina_hansson blue bullet
“Graphic designer/ front end developer with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Graphic design. Specializes in web production but has also a great intrest in Illustration and UI.
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Defrost Games is a independent game company located in Sweden . Our mission is to bring fun, polished and thought provoking games to everyone!