April 9, 2014

Dead Strains

by Niklas Hansson

After what feels like forever we are now making a sneak launch of our newest project Dead Strains!  While the full reveal is a little bit away yet we are just to excited to keep shut. This is the project that a small team of persons has been working on for the last 6 months while we were finishing up Temporality.

Dead strains is all about engaging in a fully simulated Zombie war against mankind. Forget the stupid humans in the movies and series, a military base with tanks being overrun by simple zombies? Yeah right.

Main Features

• Fight and win world war Z, as the zombies
Humanity will fight you every step of the way fighting back and learning from you.

Unique DNA based level up system
Build your own zombie strains by combining together genes to create your own unique zombie strains.

Living breathing simulated world (it’s the Sims… with zombies)
The humans lives in the world and interact with it. Creating defenses, communicating and getting ready to strike back.

• Infection based gameplay (your enemy is your resource and you have got to keep the snowball rolling.)
Every human turned is one more zombie, you have to start small and work carefully and at the end of a level you have a bona fide zombie horde doing your bidding.

• Intuitive influence painting based control system
Control from a single to a hundred zombies seamlessly through our innovative paint based control, working as well on PC as on tablets.


The focus of Dead Strains is in the AI simulation, not only per level but also on a world map basis. These humans won’t lie down and die or suddenly split up. They work together to create ammo shipping lines, band together at defensive positions etc. They also learn through our unique knowledge system the humans won’t just learn simple things like aiming for the head instead the knowledge they have of the world will affect their entire decision process. From where they decided to take shelter to which resources they will gather or which defences they will build.

The other big part is the sandbox style gameplay. There is no set level order in Dead Strains instead the game reacts and learns from how you play and how information is spread throughout the world. Set in a pre-internet era you can contain information by trying to keep humans from leaving the field. However police investigators will figure things out, and they may call family from their phones however as in all wars the biggest part of the zombie war is controlling information. Or miss information…

As the scientist creating the zombie virus you splice your own unique DNA for each of your zombie strains, allowing you to give unique and differing abilities to your zombies and evolve them throughout the game. This is what allows you to keep on top of the humans, by allowing them to learn one thing and then evolve so that their knowledge becomes false you can surprise and outmaneuver them.

There is so much more to share about Dead Strains but this should give you a taste of it.