November 30, 2014

Project Temporality wins Most Innovative and Best Game !

We are extremely happy to announce that Project Temporality has wont not only one but 2 categories in the Swedish indie competition the golden chips. This is going to become a yearly competition celebrating the Swedish indie scene and the competition has been running for half a year now with any Swedish indie developer being allowed to send in their games. So we decided to enter Project Temporality and 4-5 months later the jury asked for keys so that they could play the game and just a few weeks later we learned that we have won not only one but TWO of the three categories which was absolutely overwhelming. But not being able to tell anyone was torture.


So this weekend we traveled up to Dreamhack to receive the awards and finally being able to tell anyone. It was a rough day with around 7 hours of travel but it was worth it, standing there on the stage realizing you have won booth most innovative and best game vs some pretty stiff competition in the Swedishgames industry was awesome !

The Jurys Motivation for Most innovative game translated to English was
“Temporality is a clearly underdeveloped game mechanic that here is thoroughly explored and shows the possibilities of the fourth dimension. The result is booth interesting and entertaining. Innovative and Impressive!”

For Best game the Jurys Motivation translated to English was
“A well composed,solid and polish “FPP” with the right touch of humor. The brain hasn’t had to work this hard since Valve released Portal; Brain workout in four dimensions – it can’t get much more trickier than that ! The short verision : a game that leaves you wanting more!”


We are really happy and grateful for this recognition being and indie developer often feels way to much like the sad parts of indie games the movie :)

May 21, 2014

Project Temporality picks up some STEAM,33% discount on Steam.

So STEAM, at last. It feels like forever but we didn’t want to make a quick launch just to cash in. We wanted to make a true Steam version with achievements, leaderbords, Trading cards etc and we believe the little extra time we took for this will be worth it to all of you.


But first out, during the launch week we will have a 33% discount on Project Temporality so if you were on the fence this is your chance to get it cheap. Or if you have followed us for a while, this is your reward for being an early adapter.

We celebrate this by releasing our special Out Now trailer which we will show below together with our steam launch trailer.

4 years working on a game is a long long time, especially if it consists mostly of evenings and weekends. So we really hope you all will be enjoying out hard work and long nights and just play the hell out of it.

In case you missed the link buy it at

During this games development we have been forced to do a lot of stuff that people would consider crazy. Like developing our custom engine instead of using unreal or unity. But the truth is if the game required it we went and did it, and you just cant move time seamlessly back and forward in those games. And for us that is a requirement for a well working single player cooperation game.


We would gladly answer any questions you have about Temporality and our Development.

May 8, 2014

Project Temporality Releases on Steam,Gamersgate and 70+ stores worldwide on 20th May

So now it’s time after what feels like forever we are finally doing our broad release on 20th May 2014 Project Temporality is launched not only to Steam and Gamersgate but also to over 70 digital stores worldwide. To celebrate this we now release our Steam Gameplay trailer. Making trailers for Temporality has always been hard, how do you show a game that mostly happens in the players head ? What we have been forced to realize is that you can’t. So we instead try to illustrate it by using split screen techniques for this trailer. While it would be insane to play in such a view it does a good job of showing how hectic and Complex the gameplay really is.

This does not mean the end of Project Temporality we already have our first patch planned out. Full Controller support (The game already fully supports controllers in every screen and mode of the game, we just has to change the graphics symbols in the game).

High-Five mode support ! Ever feelt down wishing someone could come around and cheer you up with a good high five ? Well sadly you can’t High-Five yourself. But we have the solution, Time Clones !!! You can set up as many timeclones as you want going around giving you a virtual high five, how can a single normal human beat this ? Well they can’t..


We are also looking towards the future, there was so many things we wanted to add to Temporality but didn’t had the time for, we feel we are just barely touching on the surface of possible gameplay mechanics. We would love to add more levels and expose some of the mechanics that got cut like plasma bullets with a global health for all your clones which makes timing even more of an issue.

Or Temporality field beam that shielded the object the beam hits from time manipulation create some really nightmarish puzzles. We have so many ideas but after 4 years of evenings and weekends we have to release it too and look towards a bright new future with not only Temporality but also Dead Strains.

TemporalityScreen167 copy