Video previews of Project Temporality

Project Temporality Developer Commentary Interview
Small Dev Talk



Defrost games – Narrated gameplay trailer

Audio previews of Project Temporality

An interview from Gamemarx with Defrost Games’s founder Niklas Hansson can be listened to here.

Written previews of Project Temporality

“It’s just great atmosphere, I like the design of the environments.It’s very plesant, it’s a fun world to be in.
And the dialogue is fantastic.”

- Tony Mo, Pixabyte


“I’m really liking it, even though I’m not much for puzzle games”

“It’s a very clever use of the time stream manipulation, though it does sertainly take a little bit to get your brain wrapped around it. And there’s more complex mechanics involved in it later on that gets really kinda of mind melting.”

- FedoraG4mer


“I love co-op games, but I have just one problem with them: I hate literally every other human being on the planet. Each morning, I wake up, stare mournfully into the mirror, and ask my reflection why everybody else can’t also just be me. But now, thanks to Project Temporality, my distressingly narcissistic problems are solved! The answer is time clones. Duh. Why didn’t I think of it before?”

- Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun