The Story


In Project Temporality, you play as Number 87, an involuntary test subject in a secluded off-world research facility, where the executive has lost himself to a ruthless obsession.

Jupiter has been ignited into a star. Science has made an staggering leap and made it possible for humans to have that power over celestial bodies. Even the flow of time is about to be circumvented, which has become apparent by the disastrous impact of future time travelers. Regulations and protective measures have been applied to preserve Earth against this, but there are those who still believe that with the right implementation of the technology, they can take the rudder of the crumbling civilization.

The game takes place on a colossal ship posted by the sun that used to be Jupiter. In this extreme isolation, the struggle for a breakthrough with mobile time manipulation devices has taken a grisly turn, as anything like ethics, sufficient rest or room for doubt has been trampled by the urgency of the mission.

As Number 87, you’ve had time-altering experimental technology surgically implanted in your body. Now you must use it to get through the game’s many puzzles and challenges in your search for a way out.

The test chambers and examination rooms of the game are littered with testimonies written by researchers, soldiers, service crew and other test subjects. What happened to them all? What does the admiral in charge have to say for himself? How did humanity mess up so horribly?