Fight and win World War Z

,as the zombies.

Experience a living breathing simulated world, for you to explore and conquer in this simulation/RTS hybrid. You can think of it like it’s the Sims, but with zombies….. So the humans are not there just to be zombie food, they live in the world and interact with it just like a sim does. They also interact with each other communicating to spread new knowledge about your zombies and how to defeat them or just to organize their resistance.


Depending on what they learn the world in the game will change, they will start building new defenses or move old ones to better fit their understanding of the enemy.  Based on what they know they will organize their resistance differently and in the end their counterstrike.

Every decision you make matters, from what abilities you evolve, where and when you attack to what knowledge you allow survivors to escape with. All of this is taken into consideration and simulation will play out very differently as everything adds up. This is a true zombie war simulator.

The Fuzzy Logic powered knowledge system allows humanity’s behavior to change radically depending on what information they have, creating a world that can learn from you and fight back.

This doesn’t leave much hope for the zombie side, but perhaps you can change that.  Explore the different strategies and possibilities to see how far you can come before humanity pushes you back.

Every game is unique, every choice matters as it will change the world in this zombie war sandbox experience.



Dead Strains is set in a fictional late eighties to early nineties America, before the internet appeared or cell phones become wide spread, when old fashioned post and regular phone calls was how you communicated and information was easy to contain.

We are aiming for a “realistic” zombie war setting where mankind isn’t acting like complete fools. Humanity is extremely good at killing things once we learn zombies will be no different, for example we have tanks let’s just roll over them.

We are taking a lot of cues from World War Z (the book not the movie), however we have a more positive view on mankind’s chances of containing and defeating the disease earlier and not letting it spread to big first.

The game starts before the first attack by putting you into the role of the Scientist who creates the Zombie virus, as this is a man-made virus we are not limited to a single disease strain. In your lab you create multiple different strains to unleash on the world.

In the very first encounter mankind has no idea about the threat. But as you watch they will learn and adapt their defenses and techniques until finally one side is eradicated.

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