Defrost Games
Based in Malmo, Sweden

Founding date:
November 1, 2010


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Project Temporality



Defrost Games is an independent game company located in Sweden. Our mission is to find new ways to play.


Humble beginnings

Defrost games was founded as a simple husband and wife company to make a game together, and while Niklas had AAA experience as software development manager at Massive Entertainment Carolina had never worked with games and making one together seemed fun. So we wanted to make a small simple game. That game turned out to be Project Temporality.

Growing pains

While working on the game we quickly realized we had something special on our hands and the company grew to involve a lot more people. Some old friends from the AAA days and some students from a game development school. Sadly some people has come and gone over the years but the 4 core persons of the Temporality team was kept intact. We have been working through weekends and evenings to make the dream come true.

Later years

Since the fall of 2012 we sit in a cozy but small office in central Malmö, where most of the development is done. But We still rely on external resources for some parts and some of the Temporality core team is still working from home. During this time the rest of the company is getting deep into production on our second project.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is ”Finding new ways to play”. This can mean a lot of things, but the basics are that while the concept of play has become an important part of our society lately influencing everything from education to corporate training, it has even come as far as strength training. But we feel we have just started to explore the possibilities of play. The games industry in general has grown stale and is mostly producing products with small iterative changes. This gives us an opportunity to find new ways of play that differs from what has gone before and instead of following the old rules we aim to create new ones. We aim that every Defrost Games product shall be a fresh experience for you, the player.

Sparta 3D

Project Temporality is based on our proprietary tech solution called Sparta3D, which was custom made for the game. To be honest we didn't have much of a choice. You can't move every part of the rendering pipeline backwards through time in any middle ware engine. Sparta was built to be a purely real-time engine. While we in the end do some baking of our GI solution, we don't use light-maps. All lighting, shadows and animations are real-time, which allowed really short turn around. Sparta 3D is a physically based engine which means it derives its math from the realities around us and not observations. We have local parallax corrected reflections, hundreds of lights casting soft real time shadows and hundreds of non-shadow casting lights visible in the game.

Project Temporality

In Project Temporality, you play as Number 87, an involuntary test subject in a secluded off-world research facility, where the executive has lost himself to a ruthless obsession. The game takes place on a space station posted by Jupiter, which has recently been ignited as a star. In this remote, volatile place, researchers, soldiers and service crew alike have been forced to pick sides and decide what to do when conventional procedure and anything similar to ethics has deteriorated under the urgency of their mission Forced to try out time-altering experimental technology that has been surgically implanted in your body, you traverse the game’s many puzzles and challenges in your search for a way out. The test chambers and examination rooms of the game are littered with testimonies for you to delve into. What happened to the other test subjects? What does the admiral in charge have to say for himself? How did humanity mess up so horribly?



Steam Releasse Gameplay YouTube

Gone Gold Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Dream Build Play 2011" - Semi Finalist
  • "Niklas Hansson, Defrost Games founder" - On the bi-yearly top 100 list of the best developers in Sweden by Computersweden magazine in 2010 and 2012!

Selected Articles

  • "Of the games we’ve looked at this year, Project Temporality is among the finest examples of unique gameplay and clever design that we’ve seen thus far."
    - Peter Downey, Gamecrastinate
  • "While taking queues from Braid, Portal, and The Swapper, Project Temporality is its own innovative entity."
    - Anthony Stevens, IndiegamingMag
  • "I absolutely love the mechanics and premise of this game. If you're a fan of puzzle games this one does a great job of truly making you think outside the box."
    - Draegast, Draegast
  • "I love co-op games, but I have just one problem with them: I hate literally every other human being on the planet. Each morning, I wake up, stare mournfully into the mirror, and ask my reflection why everybody else can’t also just be me. But now, thanks to Project Temporality, my distressingly narcissistic problems are solved! The answer is time clones. Duh. Why didn’t I think of it before?"
    - Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "It’s just great atmosphere, I like the design of the environments.It’s very plesant, it’s a fun world to be in. And the dialogue is fantastic."
    - Tony Mo, Pixabyte
  • "It’s a very clever use of the time stream manipulation, though it does certainly take a little bit to get your brain wrapped around it. And there’s more complex mechanics involved in it later on that gets really kinda of mind melting. "
    - FedoraG4mer, FedoraG4mer

Media Kit
Our full media kit for download defrostgames.com.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Niklas Hansson

Anders Sandberg

Alexandra Löwendahl

Carolina Hansson
UI and Graphic designer

Daniel Bernhoff

Tobias Carlsson

Markus Hansson
Sound FX

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