October 4, 2013

Time flies by fast, how we wish for some alternative timelines right now.

by Niklas Hansson

So a long time has gone by without much information from us, but this is not because we curled up and died it’s just that between finishing up our indie-gogo campaign, having some actual vacation for once and then starting up our new secret project while working on finishing Temporality there just hasn’t been much time over.

But we are definitely here and we hope we will have time to give you a lot of new information going forward from here. First out is a profile we did for NorthlandSquare a Nordic game page.


While this is a short update at the moment we will have more to share with you shortly. For example our GreenLight campaign is picking up some steam pretty much by itself which we will look at more in depth for a later update, We are also working on our Closed Beta at Desura which will receive an update with a ton of bug-fixed and some new mechanics too soon.

Last out here is  a founders shout-out to the ones that got in late in the project so we didn’t have time before the vacation.

Andreas Palmgren

Rosa Christina Kjellstrand

And  also all the founders that opted to stay anonymous

Thanks for helping us make this game great together.

Now back to trying to create those time-clones so we can finish this game faster :)



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Time flies by fast, how we wish for some alternative timelines right now. Time flies by fast, how we wish for some alternative timelines right now. Time flies by fast, how we wish for some alternative timelines right now. Time flies by fast, how we wish for some alternative timelines right now.
July 11, 2013

Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo

by Niklas Hansson

So it has been a busy time since the last update we recently rewamped our indiegogo page for a more personal feel. As the original was based on our earlier marketing material. About the campaign it has slowed down quite a bit but we have some extra actions up our sleeve that might help out. Remeber every donation will  help to make the game better which will only benefit you if you are interested in it.  Voice acting would be such a great addition with all the written dialogue we have in the game.

So what has happened well we have gotten a lot of videos.
PIXABYTE.TV did this exceelent preview.

FedoraG4mer also did an nice  play through

And Finally we did a Narrated Gameplay trailer showing of some of the more advanced puzzles and concepts.


It’s also time for our Funder shout out Big thanks to
John Vaskis
Jonas Flensbak
And our Anonymous funders !

Well thats all for now but we hope to have more to share in the near future.

As always

Indiegogo at

Greenlight at


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Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo Trailers,Previews, Indiegogo
May 18, 2013

Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc

by Niklas Hansson

So we have had a lot of things going on during this week some we can talk about and some we can’t. One of the main things we have worked on this week is to actually map the game out all the way to the end which means putting a limit on what gameplay elements we are going to put into the game and how many levels each can manage before being repetitive. While some cool ideas as always had to hit the cutting floor we are pleased with what we have homed in on. It’s nice to finally have a set scope on the project as we can really feel how we are moving towards the finish line.


This project has been a giant labor of love from our side from it’s humble beginnings over 2.5 years ago to now. The funny part is that it was supposed to be a quick 6 months project to test out XNA,XBLIG and digital distribution overall but when all focus testers loved it so much we decided to spend the extra time doing it really well, because if you have something people love you shouldn’t rush it out so we spent a lot of time going over the graphics (compare to this early version and it’s not even the first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60ipniNj_qY) ) But also trying out different puzzles and mechanics we have focus tested a ton of puzzles we have even had the game at lans with people not knowing it was in early pre-alpha to measure real worlds peoples attention. All to make certain that the final product will be worth it. And now finally after over 2.5 years we can finally see the goal it’s still a bit away but we can see it.

So it has been time to turn our attention to stuff that really hadn’t mattered so much this far like our front end ui. But as this is the first thing that meets the players eyes it’s important that it feels attractive and simple to use. We have been throwing around a lot of different ideas here but in the end we had to select one that wouldn’t break the current scope of development because as a wise man said “Real artists ships” If we can’t put the game in your hands then all our work is for nothing.

So in the end we went with a simple but visually attractive style. While it doesn’t show here on an image we have everything in the UI animated so it’ not a boring still image it reacts to you fades in and out images, it actually feels really nice compared to our earlier placeholders so we are quite happy with this change. We also finally have a working options screen that will allow you to configure the game according to your needs. We are currently looking at quite simple options as this won’t be a game that requires the newest hardware to run. A simple setting of High,Medium and Low should suffice on the graphics side. As for controls we are currently debating to what extents they needs to be rebind-able.

Also this week Project Temporality is a part of Pixel Prospector new video for greenlight (55 indie games in 5 minutes). About greenlight we will soon be in a situation where we will start pushing for it and update it with a ton of new content we just need a little time as we are working hard with our indiecade deadline.

But as always please go and vote for us at greenlight. And also expects a lot more news from us in the coming weeks, the new screen shots with the latest posts gives a hint of what is to come :)

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Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc Weekly Progress, GUI,Maps etc
May 13, 2013

We’re back and Defrost Games is entering indiescrashe3.com competition

by Niklas Hansson

So we are back again after what seems like a long pause. We have not been spending this time slacking of, it’s just that we have been working so hard on Project Temporality that we couldn’t find time for other more mundane things like sleep,food posting updates etc. We have been doing a lot of things during this time like updating our webpage to this new look, we hope that you like it. If you look around you will find some new images in the Games gallery that is more representative of how the game looks now, when we have had time to do some proper propping of the levels. You should also see it in the new banner images :)


Except for the visual parts we have been busy creating new maps and polishing the gameplay after some hard work this weekend we have pretty much nailed down most of the final maps which feels great. Of course play-testing might as always make some changes but we are quite confident in our picks. After a journey of almost 2.5 years by now we have developed a good feel for the game and what works and what doesn’t. And of course a ton of playtesting have helped. We will have a lot more to share with you in the coming weeks and we are really looking forward to it.


So sorry everyone for the wait but it will be worth it. Also as we mentioned we are entering the indiescrashe3 competition that allows us to win E3 tickes if enough people votes for us so please go to http://indiescrashe3.com/nomination/73284FED-BB05-A803-D233-65A808089CD7 and vote for us.


And as always we are also on steam green light so if you’re interested in seeing us at steam please vote at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122001416&searchtext=project+temporality. We will soon update that also as well :)

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We’re back and Defrost Games is entering indiescrashe3.com competition We’re back and Defrost Games is entering indiescrashe3.com competition We’re back and Defrost Games is entering indiescrashe3.com competition We’re back and Defrost Games is entering indiescrashe3.com competition
February 22, 2013

Art dump

by Niklas Hansson

We are hard at work here now responding to the feedback we have gotten. Our main goal at the moment is to put together a press build that we can share with all those that have requested it, but there are a ton of small things that just has to be fixed before that can happen. Things that don’t disturb our focus tester but that would disturb a member of the press.

Except for that we are focus testing our new first 5 levels of the game, so far the testing is going well but we found a lot of small issues that we felt we wanted to fix.

So for today we decided to do something different instead of writing a ton of text about the development and how it’s going we’re instead going to show you a bit of what our artists have been working on lately. We are booth going to show you a clean maya render and a turn table of the object the way it looks in the game this will allow you to both get a close look at the objects but also be a good representation of the visuals of the game.



Telescopic Handler

And as an Extra bonus we also have the turn table view of our new Exit Effect

Thats all for this week thanks for following us, As always we are on green light.

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Art dump Art dump Art dump Art dump
February 8, 2013

New puzzles trailer

by Niklas Hansson

So it has been a while since our last post here, but this is not because we have been lazy, far from it. We have been working so hard that we just didn’t have any time over for writing any updates during this period in time. Since we launched on greenlight things have been hectic to say the least.

Mostly due to the problems with people confusing the game from another one in the trailer as we talked about earlier but also because we had managed to sidestep some of our art direction rules which lead to environments that just didn’t feel like Temporality, So after we realized this we have been hard at work fixing booth problems. We have been putting together 4 entirely new levels in the sci-fi environment so that we get a set of maps for Sci-fi that we believe will be the first 5 maps of the game (obviously they will change some more after our testing but we are really homing in on how much we can expect from the players in the beginning without frustrating them) And getting them gameplay ready so we could use them for the trailer. We do have a bunch of older maps but they where built with the older environments and we really wanted to use the new ones for this material is the old ones are already online.

We also thought a lot about how to actually show the gameplay, which is really hard since most of the games happens in the players mind. In the end we opted for playthroughs by ourselves even if that made the puzzles look simple, we are going to capture data from or focus testers playing the game too later on and have the final timeline side by side with what the player sees, but for now we felt that this should be enough for people to see that the way you play Project Temporality is quite different from the games mentioned earlier.

However we feel we still has a lot of work to do with educating our readers about our core gameplay, not necessarily the mechanics but all the different ways we can use them in. We will try to produce more and more material of this kind as we go closer to release, but we have to spend time working on the game too :)

About the art style I hope you recognise the softer more colorful style we have used in all our earlier material in this newest trailer, we spent a lot of time with our tinting systems to make the levels look this way but we also had to make some hard calls about what to do with our current texture work, When comparing it to our earlier levels we could quickly see it all floating together while we earlier had really good distinction between the different models this helped us with lightning but it also clearly communicated information to the player, you colud see from faraway what an area was.

Here you can clearly see an comparison of how scifi-1(left) worked before we started fixing it compared to one of the Lab sets(right). We have a ton of more contrasts and distinction in the right picture even the two types of walls differs, this makes it much easier to light without looking repetitive, the overblown lightning style in the first trailer was actually an effect of us unconsciously fighting vs with but without knowing what it was.

But thankfully now we are back to running on the right track, there are tons of adjustments left to be made but we are going towards where we are aiming again. But for now you have a trailer of pure actual playing through the puzzles, it’s not a perfect run because we are human and make mistakes while we play but it’s a honest view of what our puzzles look like. Just remember seeing us solve them is one thing, doing it by yourself is quite different. Even though these are all beginning puzzles even experienced players normally has to make 3-5 tries on these puzzles including people studying level design in school.

As always if you like it please vote for us as greenlight

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New puzzles trailer New puzzles trailer New puzzles trailer New puzzles trailer