October 1, 2012

The Doctors are moving in

by Niklas Hansson

So as to have a good idea of what to do in Project Temporality we decided to build or own test chamber here in the office, obviously we needed to go for a minature verision which meant that some things needs to be replaced compared to inside the game. But we can at least add in the proper elements.

Today our first batch of Doctors and Scientists arrived, they will inspect and prepare the chamber before we can let the first test subjects enter it. This will also give us some well needed break time at the office to observe their behaviours as they enter the test chamber.


So here is the first insertion of the doctors.

And now after a while we can see them adapting to their new environment and start preparing to create their tests.

We will be back later on with more updates as the first test subject enters the chamber.

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The Doctors are moving in The Doctors are moving in The Doctors are moving in The Doctors are moving in
September 1, 2012

Defrost Games Office

by Niklas Hansson

So a lot of things is happening at Defrost this fall, one of the big deals is that we are moving into our new Office here in Malmo. We have spent a while trying to make it a nice and enjoyable locale as we will be spending quite a bit of time here. Also coinciding with this we welcome our three new interns to Defrost, they are all coming from The Game Assembly and after two years of hard work and 8 projects below their belts they are ready to scale it up. So let us welcome Filip Ericsson, Henrik Hansson and Jesper NordStrom which will be staying with us here and help us finish up Project Temporality.

So while we has been kind of in stealth mode lately we are finally getting to the point where we feel that we will have a lot more information that we can share with you during the coming year or so  ;)

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Defrost Games Office Defrost Games Office Defrost Games Office Defrost Games Office